Wakeboard Accessories

Wakeboard Towers

A Monster Tower universal wakeboard tower gives you the lift and versatility you want, at a price you can afford. Our aftermarket wakeboard towers are designed to fit virtually any boat and we have a full array of universal accessories to trick them out. With industry leading 2.5″ diameter tubing on all of our towers (excl. HS1 Tower), you can be assured that your new Monster Tower will give you solid pulls and be completely silent for years to come.

Wakeboard Tower Racks – Protect and Store your Boards

Deck space is precious. With life jackets, passengers, coolers, and boards strewn all around the boat, wouldn’t it be great to safely free up some space?

Monster Tower wake racks clear deck space while keeping your boards secure. Each fixed rack will automatically affix right to your Monster Tower, or you can use our universal inserts to ensure a perfect fit regardless of tower size. Thick rubber bumpers hold your board in place as the boat cruises along the water. These bumpers will not hurt your board and keep it safe from any damage that would happen while it’s laying on the boat deck. Each rack is guaranteed to be silent and protected with an anodized finish for superior corrosion resistance. Our wake tower racks are equipped with a quick release mechanism which makes removal for storage and trailering a breeze.