Polycraft 3.00 Tuff Tender

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The little boat with big boat stability!

The 3.00 Tuff Tender was originally designed for use as a tender for larger craft and is a popular choice in this category as polyethylene is not abrasive against gel coated and painted surfaces.

The ever popular 3M Tuff Tender is the first model in the Polycraft range to receive the Aquathene treatment and has shed an amazing 18kg.

This great little dinghy now weighs just 75kg plus 8kg of foam*, can still accept a 15hp outboard and comes with a four year warranty. In comparison the Quintrex 3.1m Dart weighs 61kg but can only accept an 8hp outboard and is only covered by a three year warranty.

Due to the Tuff Tender’s awesome stability and safety attributes born from its dual skin and tri hull design, it has become an increasingly accepted option as a small fishing boat for protected waterways and freshwater impoundments.

The recessed stainless steel handles make it easy for two people to carry, while also providing lifting points for davits.

The moulded anchor well, cleat and stainless steel shackle ensure easy towing, anchoring and mooring.

Note: Accessories and options will change the weight of the vessel.

Package Pricing

This includes Boat and Trailer,
NSW Registration for Trailer,
Contact us for details and upgrade options

Standard Features

3.0 Hand Rails

3.0 Rod Holder

3.0 Rowlocks

3.0 Transom Plate

Anchor Well

Bow Shackle


Optional Features

Storage Lids PAIR $300.00
Storage hatch with sealed Lid PAIR $300.00
Storage Bin for New Hatch $81.00
Carpeted floor $227.00
Extended front casting deck for rowing $263.00
Inspection port (fitted) access to fit eyelets $19.00
U Bolts (for Lifting points) $40.00
Extra rod holders (fitted) $13.00
Ski Hooks (S/Steel) Pair $95.00
Lexel ( 1 x tube for sealing engine bolts etc) $26.00
Non Survey (4E, 2E, 4D, 2D) **Conditions Apply $938.00


Length 3.00m
Length (B/M/T) 4.30m
Height on Trailer 1.05m
Beam 1.40m
Depth 0.54m
Weight 75kg
Shaft Length 15 Inches
HP Rating 15hp
Capacity 3 People (180kg)