4.10 Challenger

If you are a keen angler or just enjoy getting out and exploring rivers and bays, then a 410 Challenger is the boat for you.

The 410 Challenger is a classic V-nose punt design. The pronounced reverse chines provide a degree of stability at rest that is unmatched by many other boats in this class.
The 410 Challenger features a full floor, front and rear casting decks and generous integrated storage to help keep the boat tidy and clutter free.
The 410 Challenger’s twin front 110 litre storage bins can be used as an ice box or storage for all the gear you need for a great day on the water.
The soft, quiet ride of the 410 Challenger distinguishes it from many other boats in its size class. The reason for the great ride lies in the Polyethylene hull, designed to absorb on-water vibration and noise.
Available in Open, Centre Console and Side Console models and in eight great classic Polycraft colours.


Length: 4.10 m
Length (boat/motor/trailer): 5.20 m
Height on trailer: 1.35 m
Beam: 1.85 m
Depth: 0.75 m
Weight (inc. floors):
Centre Console 305 kg
Open Boat 280 kg
Side Console 295 kg
Shaft length (Long): 20 inches
Max HP rating: 50 HP
Max transom weights: 120 kg
Capacity: 4 people (320 kg)

Standard Features

1. Winch point
2. Anchor well
3. Cleat
4. Front stainless steel bow rails
5. Split front hatches with integrated storage
6. Casting platform
7. Non-slip floor
8. Rear stainless steel grab rails
9. Rear hatches with storage
10. Rod holders x 2
11. Aluminium transom plate
Pinstripes & Polycraft logo
Non-feedback steering

Optional Extras

Carpeted floor
Carpeted front & rear casting decks
Passenger pedestal box (Side Console)
Rear storage box
Side pockets
Survey standard level flotation
Centre Console (only)
Centre console &
screen rail
Non-feedback steering
Side Console (only)
Driver’s pedestal box & seat
Non-feedback steering
Side console & screen