4.50 Drifter

Open Boat


4.50 Polycraft Drifter Open Boat

The 4.50 Drifter Open is extremely popular due to its clean, open and uncluttered deck, its soft quiet ride and all round boating capabilities.
The 4.50 Drifter Open can be towed by a conventional four cylinder car and is easily launched and retrieved by one person.
The deep V entry of the hull makes it suitable for a wide range of fishing and boating applications – from dams and estuaries right through to the more open bays and inshore reefs.
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Centre Console


4.50 Polycraft Drifter Centre Console

The console unit is located in a central position for all-round visibility while also maximising available floor space for fishing and other boating activities.
The console provides protection for both driver and dash mounted electronics.
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Side Console


4.50 Polycraft Drifter Side Console

The 4.50 Drifter Side Console is a brilliantly laid out boat for the hardcore fisherman. If you want the benefit of steering from a seated helm position, while at the same time retaining a large amount of useable floor space, then the brilliant 4.50 Drifter Side Console is the answer.
There is also additional dry storage facilities located within the console itself.
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4.50 Polycraft Drifter Runabout

The 4.50 Runabout is the new kid in town!. It features a low profile bonnet with split windscreen, two comfortable seats and dry bow storage.
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4.50 Polycraft Drifter Frontrunner

The 4.50 Drifter Frontrunner offers all the benefits of a bow rider, and is an excellent choice for the family and weekend boater.
The bow storage/cast deck provides for seating and storage in the bow and has padded cushions available as an option.
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